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Massage Therapists Can Now Make More Money

As a massage therapist, your income is usually limited by your stamina and the amount of hours there are in a day. Have you considered that there is a way to make extra income that is literally no sweat off your back? Adding retail products to your massage business could provide you with the additional income you would like, by doing something that you already do . . . sharing healthy suggestions with your clients.

Essential oils, flower essences, vitamins, and natural supplements are a few complementary products that massage therapists can personally recommend and have on hand for your clients convenience. Choosing a product and a wholesale distributor is a vital decision. Consider these questions when making your selection:

* Inventory:
Do I have to stockpile numerous products? You probably dont have the space or the money to invest in a large inventory, so look for a company that does not require you to stockpile a large quantity of their product. It is also advisable to market a product that carries a money-back guarantee.

* Retail Profit:
What is the difference between the wholesale price and the suggested retail price? Youll want to find a sizzle product that moves easily and rewards well.

* Commissions:
In addition to retail profits, do I receive commissions on my wholesale purchases? Look for a company that provides additional income by encouraging sales growth with commissions.

* Residual income:
Can I build a retirement income with this company? Do not underestimate the importance of this point. In addition to supplementing your income NOW, some companies can also provide a full-time royalty income down the road.

* Bonuses:
Can I earn perks for high volume marketing? Its always nice to receive not only retail profits and commissions, but maybe even a free trip every now and then.

* Support:
Is educational training provided by the company? It is important to find a company that trains new distributors and provides a customer support system for handling product and usage questions.

There is a very delicate relationship between the massage therapist and the client, so it is important that you chose a product and company carefully. Your clients trust you to provide safe and healthful suggestions, so make sure you have tried the products and that you are convinced of their effectiveness before recommending them. Adding health-conscious retail products to your massage business can pay off now, and set you up for an exciting retirement later on.

Dawn Breeze-George. Reprint rights granted with article and resource box intact.

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Dawn Breeze-George is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Holistic Practitioner in Albuquerque, NM. Dawn has been practicing Holistic healing for more than 18 years, and is committed to healing the body, mind, and spirit. See my story at:

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