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Okay, it's time to get back in shape. So where do we begin?
At Fitness Fever we've gathered together a great selection of articles and resources for you that cover every aspect of getting and staying fit and healthy.
There's no doubt about it, if you choose to become a fitter healthier person you'll get a lot more fun and enjoyment from life. Being fit and healthy is also a great way to boost your self confidence. And remember the benefits begin on day one.
Unfortunately, one day is not enough, and the vast majority of people who decide to get in shape fail to stick to a healthy regime.
The secret is perseverance . Despite feeling the benefits immediately, the temptations to fall back into bad habits can at times seem overpowering. But remember, if you are absolutely determined to do it, perseverance WILL pay off. You WILL reach that point where you look forward to working out. You WILL look forward to that long run. And you Will begin to detest those huge fatty take-away meals that have caused so much damage.
So there you are. You have the will, it's now time for action. Just remember, fitness is for life, not just a couple of days. Working out and eating correctly are things that need to become natural to you. Make fitness a permanent part of your life from this point on. If you do, you can be sure to lead a much more enjoyable and fulfilling life.


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